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Copies of the new book are now available at our online shop

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Poipoia Ngā Tamariki Book

Copies of the new book are now available at our online shop 

‘Poipoia Ngā Tamariki’ is a whakataukī that speaks of nurturing our tamariki, our children, as loved and cherished members of our whānau. This publication is a selection of over 60 whakataukī to support and guide us in our endeavours for intergenerational whānau wellbeing. These ancestral messages provide us with examples of traditional childrearing philosophies and practices.

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Sharing Kaupapa Māori online

Tū Ka Ora : Traditional Healing Stories from Taranaki (2015)

TuKaOra400px.jpgby Mahinekura Reinfeld, Dr Leonie Pihama, and Ngaropi Cameron

Tu Ka Ora is the final report from a research project undertaken by Mahinekura Reinfeld that resulted in the publication titled ‘Matarakau: Nga korero mo nga rongoa o Taranaki’. It was her vision to undertake research with kuia and koroheke from Taranaki about their experiences in the use of rongoa Maori.

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Te Ara Ririki - Maori Trauma Informed Care Principles (2016- 2017)

ResearchUpcomingicon.jpgThis research is being funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand.

The need for contextualised, culturally safe health/social services is well recognised within Aotearoa, particularly within Mental Health and Addiction Services.

While trauma is an experience that can impact on all people, Māori experience trauma in distinct ways, similarly hapu/iwi have experienced trauma in distinct ways.

These are linked to localised experiences of colonisation, racism, discrimination and subsequent unequal rates of violence, poverty and ill health. Given that hapu and iwi have been impacted by trauma in distinct ways it is important to identify practice principles that can contribute to the development of a framework that supports Māori.

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