2016 Taranaki Peace Walk - New Plymouth District Council to Parihaka Pa – “Walking into a New Conversation”



The Peace Walk from New Plymouth to Parihaka Pa took place over three days from Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th June 2016.

The Peace Walk was sparked by the stand taken by New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd over Maori representation on the New Plymouth District Council, and also the history of the treatment of Maori by local and national governments.

Mayor Judd has challenged New Zealanders to wake up to ingrained racist attitudes, and to join him in making a stand for better inclusion of New Zealand’s Treaty partner in our civic affairs.

Mayor Judd’s stand has attracted a considerable amount of criticism and abuse ... a response which led him personally to decide not to stand for office again at the next local body elections.

Instead, he decided to try and “change the conversation” by leading a symbolic walk to Parihaka - the internationally historic Taranaki village which is synonymous with a message of peace and passive resistance.

Hundreds of Walkers of all ages and cultures joined the Peace Walk over the three days, with the theme of “walking into a new conversation” about race relations, civic inclusion, and peace and safety in Taranaki and New Zealand.

Participants were encouraged to join as much of the journey as they were able, or to come to the community conversations that were held in local halls at the end of each day.

The Peace Walk became an opportunity for participants to both walk and talk together - to respond to and engage with the matters Mayor Judd has raised, and to explore ways to continue the dialogue about these important issues in our communities.

The Hikoi to Parihaka - June 2016

Resources on the purpose and theme of the Peace Walk

The Peace Walk poster at 

"Street Wise in Waitara"
Maori TV Native Affairs 5th April 2016 interview with Councillor Howie Tamati and Mayor Andrew Judd

"How the Taranaki Maori ward debate began"
(video) Andrew Judd interviewed by The Morgan Foundation

"The United Nations is backing Mayor Judd"
Maori TV Native Affairs 12th April 2016 on the report of the UN Human Rights Committee

"New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd not standing again"
TV1 Seven Sharp 6th May 2016, with comments from co-host Mike Hosking  

"Does New Zealand have a problem with anti-Maori Racism?"
Andrew Judd interviewed on Radio New Zealand Checkpoint 9th May 2016 by John Campbell

"New Plymouth mayor gains nationwide support"
TVNZ Te Karere 9th May 2016 by Eruera Rerekura

"We've got to do this better, New Zealand"
TV1 Seven Sharp 10th May 2016 Andrew Judd by Mike Hosking

Comment: "New Plymouth's redneck reputation a bad image"
Taranaki Daily News 10 May 2016 by Rachel Stewart

the Peaceful Province Initiative Facebook event page at 

the Andrew Judd Fan Club Facebook page at 

Peace Walk organiser Glen Bennett on Radio Waatea
interview with Dale Husband


"Walking Into a New Conversation - some thoughts on the Taranaki Peace Walk 2016"
vivian Hutchinson’s opening remarks from the Winter Community Circle 
at the NPDC Council Chambers, Wednesday 8th June 2016

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Peace Walk from New Plymouth to Oakura
Community Forum in the Oakura Hall

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"Peace hikoi to Parihaka presents new possibilities for partnership between Maori and Pakeha" 
Taranaki Daily News 15th June 2016 by Deena Coster

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 "A Chance to Grab the Olive Branch" 
Taranaki Daily News 15th June 2016 by Ryan Evans, Editorial Comment

"Something worth walking for" 
Taranaki Daily News 15th June 2016 by vivian Hutchinson

"Aotearoa New Zealand: We need to talk"
by Nick Tansley, the Morgan Foundation

"Mayor Andrew Judd leads a Hikoi in Taranaki"
video from Radio New Zealand 15 June 2016

"Faith in Taranaki: Judd's inspiring walk of peace"
by Dean Peter Beck

"Peace walkers warned not to react to provocation"
Radio New Zealand News 15 June 2016 by Robin Martin

"New Plymouth hikoi: We care about each other"
Radio New Zealand News 15 June 2016 by Robin Martin

"Hundreds join peace hīkoi to Parihaka"
TVNZ Te Karere 15 June 2016 by Eruera Rerekura

"Parihaka walk begins: RNZ Checkpoint"
(video) Radio NZ Checkpoint live interview with John Campbell 15 June 2016

Video of Peace Walk Day One
from Charlotte Curd / Stuff.co.nz

Thursday 16 June 2016

Peace Walk from Oakura to Okato
Community Forum in the Okato (Hempton) Hall

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Hundreds join first day of Taranaki peace walk to Parihaka
Taranaki Daily News 16 June 2016 by Deena Coster

Video of Peace Walk Day Two
from Andrew Jackson / Stuff.co.nz

"Peace hikoi heads to Okato"
Radio New Zealand News 16 June 2016 by Robin Martin

Friday 17 June 2016

Peace Walk from Okato to Parihaka
Welcome at Parihaka

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"Stories and experiences shared during Taranaki's peace hikoi"
Taranaki Daily News 17 June 2016 by Deena Coster

"Hīkoi hopes to influence better race relations" by Ripeka Timutimu
Maori TV 17 June 2016 Te Kāea spoke to some Parihaka locals about what this hikoi means to them.

"Parihaka Walk for Peace"
Jane Dove Juneau Photography / South Pacific Light Press - Facebook Album (47 photos)

"Emotional scenes as hikoi reaches Parihaka"
Radio New Zealand News 17 June 2016 by Robin Martin

"New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd on peace hīkoi to Parihaka raising biculturalism"
TVNZ Te Karere 16 June 2016 by Eruera Rerekura

Saturday 18 June 2016

Media Coverage of Conclusion of the Peace Walk  

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Video of Mayor Andrew Judd's speech at Te Raanui, Parihaka Pa 17th June 2016
from Andrew Jackson / Quadcam Drones / Stuff.co.nz

"Parihaka powhiri provides emotional end to three-day peace hikoi"
Taranaki Daily News 18 June 2016 by Deena Coster

"Pākehā needed to lead hikoi - councillor"
Radio New Zealand News 18 June 2016 by Robin Martin

Blog: "Walking for Peace"
Charmaine Pountney and Tanya Cumberland on the Taranaki Peace Walk to Parihaka 19 June 2016

Comment: "Hikoi highlights uncivilised reaction to mayor's call to recognise Maori role"
Stuff.co.nz 29 June 2016 Opinion by Chester Borrows


"Officers of the Peace"
July 2016 Cover Story for Ten One, the New Zealand Police's magazine.

Paper: "Watching the Seabirds at Waitara"
vivian Hutchinson's paper calls for a new conversation about a very old land grab

"Judd wins friends and fan mail"
Taranaki Daily News 22nd July 2016 by Taryn Utiger

The anti-separatist group, Hobson's Pledge, is modern day colonisation - says New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd
by Hannah Lee, Taranaki Daily News 30 September 2016


"History will judge outgoing mayor's legacy"
by Taryn Utiger, Taranaki Daily News 1st October 2016
In his exit interview with the Daily News, New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd looks back on his three years as a 'recovering racist'

Native Affairs- The Recovering Racist (What's Next for Andrew Judd?)
by Oriini Kaipara Maori TV Native Affairs 4th October 2016

New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd's possible future in the Maori Party
by Jeremy Wilkninson, Stuff 4th October 2016

Judd exits to crowd of supporters on final day
by Hannah Lee, Taranaki Daily News 8th October 2016


Hosking's controversial Maori comments cleared by BSA
by Matt Rilkoff, Taranaki Daily News 25 October 2016


Face to face with Andrew Judd, recovering racist
by Joanna Wane, North and South, 5th February 2017 with photography by Glenn Jeffrey

Andrew Judd's message for Waitangi Day 2017: Challenge the thoughts that have been planted in you, all the myths presented as facts – truly challenge them. Get onto a marae and look into the eyes of Maori. It wasn’t reading a book that changed me, but seeing and speaking to real people in their environment.
I’m not trying to be a Maori, because I’m not one. But we have to stop this cycle of ignorance. We haven’t confronted our past as Pakeha. I feel lied to and robbed of that knowledge, because I wasn’t told it at school. It’s not about blame, because that’s history. It’s about finding a way to move forward. But it will be a generational shift and it will take time.