Tū Ka Ora : Traditional Healing Stories from Taranaki (2015)

TuKaOra400px.jpgby Mahinekura Reinfeld, Dr Leonie Pihama, and Ngaropi Cameron

Tu Ka Ora is the final report from a research project undertaken by Mahinekura Reinfeld that resulted in the publication titled ‘Matarakau: Nga korero mo nga rongoa o Taranaki’. It was her vision to undertake research with kuia and koroheke from Taranaki about their experiences in the use of rongoa Maori.

This publication is the outcome of many years of work for Taranaki by Taranaki researchers. It is a research project that has been undertaken with the belief that our stories need to be shared in order for us to understand fully our history of wellbeing and healing. It is a project that was forged by whakapapa, whanau, hapu and iwi relationships and supported by Maori academics.

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