Tihei Mauri Ora: Honouring Our Voices. Mana Wahine as a Kaupapa Maori Theoretical Framework (2001)


by Dr Leonie Pihama.

PhD Thesis, The University of Auckland

This thesis is a theoretical journey. Its primary focus is the honouring and affirmation of the voices of Maori women and the assertion of Mana Wahine as a Kaupapa Maori theoretical framework. It is argued that Western theories are inadequate in understanding and explaining Maori experiences and in particular the experiences of Maori women. Kaupapa Maori theory provides the framework within which this thesis is located.

Ch 1: I am my own case study:Putting a thesis in context (1.27 mb)
Ch 2: Whakatuwheratanga:Openings (1.5 mb)
Ch 3: Maori/Woman/Academic (1.67 mb)
Ch 4: Kaupapa Maori Theory (1.83 mb)
Ch 5: Kaupapa Maori Theory: Identifying Elements (1.55 mb)
Ch 6: Colonisation and the importation of ideologies of race, gender and class (1.44 mb)
Ch 7: Historical Sources (1.57 mb)
Ch 8: Maori girls education & native schooling 1840-1940 (1.6 mb)
Ch 9: Developments towards mana wahine theory (1.4 mb)
Ch 10: Mana Wahine theory (2.14 mb)
Ch 11: Korero Whakamutunga (1.37 mb)


Leonie-Pihama-for-print-Copy.jpg Dr Leonie Pihama