A Kaupapa Maori qualitative investigatory study into Domestic Violence within the whanau of Taranaki

DVOverview.jpgby Ngaropi Cameron

This research project sought to investigate and explore family violence experiences for Taranaki whanau, identifying those factors such as adaptation to social change and assess how different whanau have been affected by them.

The research explored practices developed within Taranaki prior to 1840 to deal with breaches of Tikanga in relation to whanau violence, intergenerational factors that may contribute to Domestic Violence and any factors that will contribute to the establishment of a framework designed to assist the development of a best practice model for addressing domestic violence.

This research was funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand and the Foundation of Research Science and Technology (FRST) as part of the Whanau Ora funding provided in 2008.


An Overview of this research project can be read and downloaded here