10 DIY Ways to Honour the Treaty in Aotearoa (poster 2018)

Community Living Book Volume 1 - Te Tiriti o Waitangi (video 2018)


This Community Living Book is a film resource developed by Tu Tama Wahine o Taranaki to actively encourage community conversations about Te Tiriti o Waitangi. In this first series "volume one" we ask 19 local personalities about their connection to Te Tiriti; How they feel about the treaty and how they honour it in their lives.

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100 Maori Leaders

Te Rau Matatini


Kia tū te ihi, te wehi, me te wana! Te Rau Matatini has launched 100 Māori Leaders, a dynamic online resource that brings to the fore our extraordinary people who are doing extraordinary work in their everyday lives. 

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He Waipuna Koropupu - profound action on Maori suicide prevention (2016)

by Ngaropi Cameron

Waka Hourua Webinar Series October 2016
(webcast video 30mins) 


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Stolen Land and Healing Historic Trauma (2016)

by Awhina Cameron

from her opening korero at the Spring Taranaki Community Circle 2016


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Watching the Seabirds at Waitara (2016)

by vivian Hutchinson

We need a new conversation about a very old land grab.


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Taranaki in Profile: Michelle Ramage

Hikoi - The Land March (2016)

MatakiteWhina400.jpgThis documentary marks the 40th anniversary of the 1975 Maori Land March (14th September – 13th October 1975) which, under the leadership of Dame Whina Cooper, travelled the length of the North Island to protest the loss of Maori Land.

The 1975 Maori Land March is recognised as one of the catalysing events of the modern Maori renaissance. It brought the issue of the continuing alienation of Maori land back into the public spotlight, as well as connecting a new generation to the long history of protest and passive resistance over the confiscation of Maori land.

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Dr Janice Wenn Awarded "Maori of the Year for Health" (2013)

Te_Toa_Whakaihuwaka_Hauora.jpgThe Marae Investigate's Nga Toa Whakihuwaka - Maori of the Year 2013 award

Dr Janice Wenn is Deputy Chairperson of the Tu Tama Wahine o Taranaki Trust Board. She has been a nurse and midwife for more than 50 years, and has had an extensive career in all aspects of nursing and focuses on "Maori, by Maori for Maori" health services.

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Bry Kopu profiled in Whenua (2013)

Bry_Kopu_Whenua9.jpgBry Kopu is Tu Tama Wahine o Taranaki Chairperson, and is an alumni of the Charles Bailey Scholarship.

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Kua Tupu Te Pa Harakeke: Developing Healthy Whānau Relationships (2012)

sar_press_for_indigenous_minds_only_cover_flat_l.jpgNgaropi Cameron is also a contributing author with Leonie Pihama to "For Indigenous Minds Only – A Decolonization Handbook" (2012) with the chapter "Kua Tupu Te Pa Harakeke: Developing Healthy Whānau Relationships."

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Ngaropi Cameron at He Ara Whakamua (2012)

Ngaropi.jpgNgaropi Cameron speaks as a panelist at He Ara Whakamua New Plymouth on 24 July 2012.

The Families Commission joined with Taranaki Whanau to hold a wananga in 2012 as part of the He Ara Whakamua series. Ngaropi Cameron was one of the speakers at this seminar, and was asked to address the kaupapa: “Taranaki – Wealthy Again. This time all of us."

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Waka Huia on Tikituterangi Raumati (2012)

raumati_tiki.jpgWaka Huia profiles the life of the Venerable Tikituterangi Raumati. A humble servant of the Anglican church and a respected elder of the Taranaki people.

He tirohanga ki te Ao I tupu ake ai a Tikituterangi Raumati. He kaumàtua I whakapau I òna kaha mo te haahi Mihinare, a, he waha korero ano hoki mo tana iwi Maori.

(30 mins) July 2012

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Ngaropi Cameron interviewed in Matiro Whakamua (2011)

Mahi-Tamariki.jpginterviewed by Colleen Tuuta for the Families Commission, as part of the publication Matiro Whakamua.
"Ngaropi Cameron - Guided by the Wairua of my Tupuna". 

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Feathers for Whanau Ora — some thoughts on family violence and community well-being (2014)

by vivian Hutchinson


This paper is based on workshop notes for a session on Whanau Ora and Community Well-Being held at the Taranaki District Health Board on 22-23 July 2014.

The paper reflects on family violence and the critical role that citizens, families, neighbours and friends play in creating community well-being.

Ma te huruhuru e rere ai te manu. — Without feathers, the bird can’t fly.

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